1. Connected

From the recording Connected

'Like sunrise to sunset, we're connected'
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No mystery, so naturally You opened up my heart A pulse I feel, a love to seal All is right with the world As we are I can talk with you Walk with you It doesn’t matter what we do Holding hands in the park Holding hearts in the dark I love it all You love all I got It’s all connected Everything we do I’m connected to you It’s all connected Like sunrise to sunset We’re connected Feel the breeze, swim the seas Touch the leaves on the trees Be wired to the moon Drink the sun, taste the earth Watch the day give birth To the light of the universal truth Every bird, every bee All that can breath All creation beckoning With fire and rain Fueling the chain In harmony, reflected in me It’s all connected Everything I see Is connected to me It’s all connected Like sunrise to sunset It’s connected Where ever we are Separate shores, worlds apart If we could walk together If we could talk together If we laugh and love together Be connected at the heart All you sisters and brothers Fathers and mothers All across the land All you teachers and preachers Leaders and believers If we reach out one hand Walk together, talk together We can spread peace around One caring voice Touching a heart All is affected Because we’re all connected Everything we see Connects you and me We’re all connected Like sunrise to sunset We’re connected