From the recording Sleep with Angels


Sailing into Kotor BayDawn is breaking to a spectacular dayI taste the salty airFeel the breeze through my hairSun kissed through the ocean mistPristine beauty surrounding meA humbling morning is beckoningI spin aroundMy feet leave the groundI'm dancing across a sparkling seaAnd the ocean parts making way for my heartAnd nothing can stop this beautiful feelingI'm climbing Saint John MountainUnder the vast Montenegro skyA precious moment filled with gleeBreathing life, breathing love, breathing highBreathing possibilityWalking through Ancient Egyptian RuinsMeet ghosts of historical magnitudeTales to be toldFor the young and oldOf Legends of Pharaohs and QueensFeeling their majestyLearning their dynastyThe hardship, the bloodshed they shareEvolution takes time, revolutions divideLeaving Nations with crosses to bareAnd the stone walls part making way for my heartAnd nothing can stop this powerful feelingHere In the Cradle of CivilizationFootsteps through the beginning of timeA collective wisdom and passion feeds my lifeFeeds my love, feeding highFeeding possibilityToo much time up against the wallToo much time feeling smallBut in this momentI'm feeling everything is possibleI'm standing high over the Holy LandMidst the grandeur, hearing a distant bandThe River Jordan sereneSea of GalileeA sweet paradise, Heaven in my eyesIt’s so hard to believe the devastation that’s beenUpon this scenic landWe all breathe the same airLet us pray the same prayerOf hope, peace and love for manWith wide open arms making way for my heartAnd nothing can stop this magnificent feelingI’m dipping through Jordan and GalileeBlue-green Crystal waters bathing meSharing this moment refreshed with gleeFeeling life, feeling love, feeling highLiving life, living love, living highLiving in possibility